3 Quick and Easy No-Bake Dessert Recipes

3 Quick and Easy No-Bake Dessert Recipes
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To make these chilled treats, you need nothing more than a mixing bowl and spoons! These are perfect desserts to bring to special occasions, or a quick way to satisfy those sweet cravings. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to make your delicious dessert and eat it within the same hour.

Banana Split Fluff Salad
Average Prep Time: 10-20 minutes

A banana split fluff salad in a white ceramic cup with a cherry on top. (Elizabeth Lapman)



  • Banana Pudding – Make sure it’s the instant pudding mix. If banana pudding isn’t currently available to you, vanilla or french vanilla pudding is a great alternative.


  • Toppings – Chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, cherries, small marshmallows, and sliced bananas are commonly used. However, you can exclude or add any toppings to your liking.


Recommended Amounts:

  1. Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits
    Average Prep Time: 15 – 30 minutes

    2 Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits in glass cups. (Fifteen Spatulas)


    Mixing and stirring with a whisk is recommended but not required if you don’t have one on hand.


         3. Place the graham cracker crumbs into a bowl and add the melted butter. Stir until the crumbs are moist and set aside.

         4. In a large bowl, put the two blocks of cream cheese, condensed milk, and the vanilla paste or extract inside and stir until you have a smooth mixture

        5. Now it’s time to assemble your parfait! Grab a small glass or any small container of your liking. First, pour a layer of cream filling into the bottom of the glass. Then, add a layer of your graham cracker crumbs. Finally, add a layer of strawberries on top. Repeat this pattern until you have completely filled the container. 

    6. OPTIONAL: You can refrigerate the parfaits for an hour before consuming, but you can also eat it right after preparation.

    An Oreo Fluff Salad topped with 2 Oreos. (LoveBakesGoodCakes)

    Oreo Fluff Salad
    Average Prep Time: 10-30 minutes


    Mixing and stirring with a whisk is recommended but not required if you don’t have one on hand.


    1. Put the instant vanilla pudding mix and milk into a mixing bowl and stir until the pudding mix fully dissolves.

         2. Add the softened cream cheese into the mixture and stir until you get a smooth texture. Then set aside the bowl.

    3. Put one package of Oreos into either a gallon-large Ziploc bag or a large bowl and crush them up. If you have a food processor, you can use that instead.

    4. Put the crushed cookies along with the marshmallows inside the pudding mixture and stir until fully combined.

    5. Add the Cool Whip in the mixture and stir until fully combined.

    6. Transfer the mixture into a serving bowl if desired. Add any toppings to your liking and enjoy!

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