Introducing The EPHS 23-24 Varsity Cheer Team

Introducing The EPHS 23-24 Varsity Cheer Team

Meet The Team

This year the EPHS competition cheerleading team consists of 15 cheerleaders. Let’s meet the team: the freshmen are: Mia Arreola, Serena Braglia, Sophia Casella, Willow Jenkins, Alexis Loza, and Madison Murphy. Sophomore: Julia Kravchuk. Juniors: Anastasiya Bednarchuk, Isabella Braglia, Mia Lockwood, Matthew McClain, and Olivia Shipinski. Seniors: Chavalah Calderon, Bella Corso, and  Anastasia Prodanchuk. 

About the Positions

Above is a picture of our team practicing for the competition season. Our flyers are Serena Braglia and Willow Jenkins.

Before I get into everyone’s positions, let me tell you a little about them. In cheer there are 5 positions which are flyer, side base, main base, frontspot, and backspot.

A main base is the main power source of the stunt as they lift the flyer up. The side base assists the main base with different grips.

The flyer is the person who gets thrown up into the air by the bases.

The backspots  job is super important. They stand behind the flyer and support the flyer. If the flyer falls the backspot catches them.

Usually the backspot holds the flyer’s ankles or calves. They also aid in making the flyers job easier by putting them into the bases hands.

The frontspot has almost the same job as the backspot but in the front of the stunt. They hold the flyers shins or the bases wrists for extra support. 

Everyone’s Positions

Flyers: Anastasiya Bednarchuk, Serena Braglia, and Willow Jenkins.

Frontspots: Mia Lockwood and Anastasia Prodanchuk

Backspots: Sophia Casella, Mia Lockwood, and Matthew McClain. 

Bases: Mia Arreola, Isabella Braglia, Chavalah Calderon, Bella Corso, Julia Kravchuk, Alexis Loza, Madison Murphy, Anastasia Prodanchuk, and Olivia Shipinski.

Above is a picture of our 2022-2023 competition cheer team at Niles West High School. We placed 4th.

At our first competition last year, we got third place. At a different competition, we placed 4th just shy of 3rd. We also were second in our conference! Our all conference athletes last year were Kayla Alverez, Isabella Braglia, and Theresa Diprizio.

This Year’s Competitions

Our first competition will be December 16th at Oswego High School. Our next competition will be in 2024 at Lakes High School on January 6th.

We have two back to back competitions on January 13th at Grayslake High School and January 14th at Niles West High School.

Our last competition before sectionals will be at Fremd High School January 20th. Sectionals will be January 27th and the location is to be determined. All of our competitions will be at 9:00 A.M. This year it is our goal to make it to state. Last time we made it to state was in 2021 but unfortunately we did not win the state title.

Interviews With Some of the Team

For Nastya Bednarchuk: “What do you think about our routine?”  Nastya said I like it, I feel like no one has ever done Barbie, so it’s a very unique routine.

For Olivia Shipinski: “What are you most excited about for this season?” Olivia replied with I’m mostly excited for our new routine and the new freshman on the team. Everyone who just joined is very talented. I’m excited because I feel like we have a good chance to do well this year and get better. Hopefully we will go to state.

Coach Schoenbeck has been coaching at EPHS for 4 years now. Coach Schoenbeck teaches Chemistry and Environmental Science at EPHS. Coach Schoenbeck also coaches a middle school cheer team.

Meet Our Coaches

For Coach Schoenbeck:“Tell everyone about our theme this year and why you picked it”.  Coach Schoenbeck stated Our theme this year is Barbie. It’s Barbie because it’s everywhere. I personally really love the Barbie movie and I love all the women empowerment so we’re gonna go with Barbie.


This year is coach Lisa’s first year coaching at EPHS. We are so excited to have Coach Lisa with us! Coach Lisa works in the library and this is also her first year working at EPHS in general. In the past, coach Lisa has also taught a middle school cheer team.




For Coach Lisa: “How is your first year coaching at EPHS going so far?” Coach Lisa said It comes with its challenges, it really does. But I love challenging myself when it comes to the sport that I am so familiar with. It just gets me excited for the years to come and the accomplishments the team and myself will achieve.

Everyone this year is so excited for the season. We really hope to improve this year and make it to state. We all love our Barbie theme and can’t wait to see everything come together. We hope to see you at one of our competitions!

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