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Experience of a Christmas Birthday

Experience of a Christmas Birthday

A Birthday on Christmas?!

Birthday cake that says “Merry Birthday” on Amazon

Your birthday is the one day a year where you (plus like thousands of people with the same birthday as you) get to be special.

You usually get cake, presents, and special treatment on that day. You get celebrated for making it another year and simply existing.

So what happens when you have to share your special day with a holiday?

I don’t mean a less celebrated holiday, like Valentine’s Day. What is it like sharing a birthday with Christmas?! Is it amazing, double the presents? Or is it horrible, getting less presents a year compared to everyone else?

My birthday is on Christmas, and those are the two questions I get asked the most, other than the question, “Are you Baby Jesus?” (Yes, I seriously and jokingly get asked that question frequently.)

So I will be sharing my personal experience with having to share my birthday with Christmas in this article!


First big birthday celebration.

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them my birthday is on Christmas, and usually they assume I must not enjoy having my birthday on such a big holiday.

Yes, I don’t exactly have a day to solely celebrate myself, and I can usually never have a birthday party on my exact birthday either, like most people.

But, in my own experience, it’s not that horrible. Still, there are a few things I don’t enjoy about being born on Christmas.

My biggest con is that people either remember it easily or they don’t remember it at all. Yes, forgetting a birthday is common. (I’m sure we’ve all forgotten a loved one’s birthday at some point, but it usually happens more than once with me.)

Of course my family doesn’t forget because I’m the ultimate Christmas gift EVER, but it’s common for some of my cousins or friends to forget. I don’t blame them — it’s Christmas!

When you wake up on December 25th, you’re looking forward to those gifts and those cards with money in them, not my birthday. But it is something that can feel a little saddening.

Another thing I don’t enjoy is that sometimes I even forget about my own birthday for a bit!

Like stated earlier, when waking up on Christmas I think of the holiday itself only! It’s a little embarrassing to forget your own birthday, but it only happened the most when I was a kid.

My last con is that having a birthday on a holiday just kind of messed up my perspective on birthdays in general. It’s something I felt guilty about.

When I see someone get a big celebration for an entire day I don’t really understand the big deal since I usually don’t see my own birthday as a big deal. But I’m better with this now and I did get my own big celebration once for my sweet sixteen (my late Quinceanera)!


A very happy birthday pic.

Let’s move on from the cons and discuss the pros. So do I get double or just combined gifts? The answer is … both! My parents recognized this struggle and have always gotten me double the gifts, which I’m grateful for because it makes Christmas even more special for me but expensive for them.

My parents are amazing and have always gone the extra mile to get me great gifts and try to remind me it’s my special day, too.

As for other family and friends, it’s usually a gift for both my birthday and Christmas, which I don’t mind personally! Actually, since my uncle works at Playstation, it means I usually get one big gift from him instead of multiple small presents.

One of my favorite things about being born on Christmas is that my birthday pictures are always really cute. The lights, the decorations, the music — it all makes pictures and videos I take on my birthday beautiful!

My next favorite thing about having a Christmas birthday is that every birthday I usually leave home!

I don’t travel too often for a vacation, so I associate my birthday and Christmas with those good memories of leaving the state to visit family. It’s the thing I look forward to every year! I used to go to Florida every year, but now it’s Tennessee!

Would I Recommend it?

Now, you can’t exactly choose your birthday. We all already have one set in stone. But I thought it would be funny to give a bit of a review. So, would I recommend having a birthday on Christmas?

As much as I hyped it up, no, I would not recommend it. Some people have horrible experiences with this birthday, unlike me. You would have bragging rights of having one of, maybe the most, rare birthdays out of everyone, but I don’t really think bragging rights is worth the trouble.

My experiences are unique. They have been good, and I don’t hate having a rare birthday because of the people I’m surrounded by. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone, so my overall recommendation stands.

Asking Friends If They Have Any Other Questions!

Alexie: Are you the reincarnation of Jesus?

Answer: I don’t think so, no. If I was, I think I would be walking on water by now.

Maleah: Do you ever think people celebrate Christmas more than your birthday/you?

Answer: Yes, of course. But I understand! Maybe if I was the actual reincarnation of Jesus I would be more celebrated.

Lily: Are surprise parties ever an option for you?

Answer: Not really? I mean I guess so, because it wouldn’t be expected. But good luck to anyone hosting it trying to get people to attend a BIRTHDAY party on Christmas.

Avril: What’s it like celebrating on December 24th and Christmas, PLUS your birthday? (I celebrate the 24th, too, because my father is Hispanic.)

Answer: It’s a long two days, honestly. It’s back to back to back, so usually I’m too tired to celebrate my birthday or Christmas because I don’t have a good social battery.

Gahbee: How do you feel about spending money on other people’s presents on your birthday?

Answer: The dent in my wallet after spending money on gifts is worse. I enjoy giving gifts, though, so it’s no big deal to me.

Celebrities with Christmas Birthdays

  • Jimmy Buffett (sings “Margaritaville”) born December 25th, 1946
  • Annie Lennox (sings “Sweet Dreams are Made of This”) Awesome birthday twin! Born December 25th, 1954
  • Sissy Spacek (played Carrie White in the Carrie movie) Born December 25th, 1949
  • Helena Christensen (the model in the music video “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaak, another amazing song) Born December 25th, 1968
  • Justin Trudeau (Canada’s Prime Minister) Born December 25th, 1971
  • Dido (British singer who Eminem sampled from) Born December 25th, 1971

In Conclusion

In conclusion, my birthday is holiday related, so that’s why I wrote about it. It’s what I’m used to and, like I said, my close friends always make sure to remind me that it’s my special day, too.

I can’t wait for the holiday’s and the break coming up, and I’m sure you’re all excited for it, too! Have a good break and happy holidays!

(Side note…I meant no offense with anything related to Jesus or Christianity. It really is just a question I get asked.)

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