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Popular New Year’s Eve Traditions

There are many unusual, but fun and interesting, traditions people participate in on New Year’s Eve. People all over the world have different traditions they partake in every year for a fresh start to the new year.
Here are 5 interesting New Year’s Eve traditions!

12 lucky grapes

A whine glass full of grapes, with a clock striking 12 in the back.

Do you believe 12 grapes could give you good luck for 12 whole months? People in Spain have a special tradition on Nochevieja (New Year’s Eve) called “las doce uvas de la suerte.” This tradition started in the 1880’s and thought to have morphed out of a French tradition of eating grapes and drinking champagne to celebrate the new year. The tradition is native to Spain but has also spread to many other countries. This includes South America and Latin America. This tradition has also gained some global attention and went viral on TikTok. The tradition is that you try to eat 1 grape every time the clock chimes when ringing in the new year at midnight. You have to finish all of your grapes before the chimes finish ringing. Some people even say that sitting under the table while eating the grapes will bring luck to your love life.

Open doors and windows

A Filipino city with all of the doors left open for the New Year.

Another New Year’s tradition is to let out all the bad and bring in the new for a fresh start to the new year. This tradition requires all of your doors and windows to be open at midnight to sweep out the old year. It was started by the Filipinos who crack open their doors and windows just enough for the old year to slip out. This will allow the new year to flow in with a fresh, untainted beginning.


                            Kiss at midnight

2 sparklers being held up against the night sky.

Kissing at the end of the countdown on New Year’s has been one of the most popular New Year traditions. Kissing on New Year’s goes back to two winter festivals: Saturnalia in ancient Rome and Hogmanay. Hogmanay is a viking tradition that is still celebrated in Scotland today. These parties were said to be the biggest of the year and led to public drunkenness. The drunkenness is what led to the kissing and became a new tradition to kiss someone at the end of the countdown every New Year.

Broken plates

A group of broken plates and other ceramics on the ground.

Children in the Netherlands break dishes against their neighbors doors to bring them good luck. It’s based on the belief that breaking glass will bring good luck. Some dump-trucks would even leave some on the side of the road for children to destroy. If the children don’t end up breaking the glass, then they just place some little broken pieces by the doors of their neighbors for good luck.

Throwing furniture

People celebrating the New Year throwing a chair off a balcony.

In some parts of Italy they have an unusual tradition on New Year’s Eve. They throw old furniture from the windows or balconies from their houses.

This is similar to the cracked doors and windows, as it is supposed to symbolize a fresh start to the New Year. To prevent injuries, however, locals just stick to small or soft objects.


These are some interesting New Year’s traditions. I loved the background behind all of these and would definitely try some of them. Hopefully you all get some good luck this new year and maybe even try some of these new year traditions this New Year’s Eve!


Why Do We Kiss at Midnight on New Year’s Eve?

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