Hydro vs Stanley

Hydro vs Stanley

After their growing popularity under the influence of social media (TikTok), Stanley Cups have broken the internet, causing plenty of fights and crimes throughout stores. Yet, it seems that people have forgotten the legendary Hydro Flask, which took over during the COVID Era from 2019-2021, creating “VSCO Girls”. In this article, we will debate which of these water bottles are overrated, and which one is worth it.


A pink Hydroflask with a straw on the left. A blue Stanley Cup on the right.

Stanley,- Created over 100 years ago by William Stanley Jr. William focused on vacuum insulation and the qualities of steel in order to create a bottle that keeps liquids at a desirable temperature. Now, the brand’s income has increased since 2019 at a projected $750 million in 2023. 

HydroFlask,- Founded in 2009 by Travis Rosbach and Cindy Weber when they were unhappy with modern commercial water bottles that don’t keep their beverages cold. The bottles spread throughout farmers markets, then nationwide. The company has been sold for $210 million to Helen of Troy Limited.

Stanley Cup Features:

The 5 different sizes of the Stanley Tumbler. From the left; 64oz, 40oz, 30oz, 20oz, and 14oz.

Stanley cups have a wide range of about 18 color choices that come in 5 different size options: 14oz, 20oz, 30oz, 40oz, and 64oz. Prices average to around $45. The cup was designed to fit in a cup holder of a car. The cups have a rotating lid with 3 different positions that you can put the cup in depending on how you want it to be. A downside to the Stanley Cup is that the cup leaks when dropped.

HydroFlask Features:

A chart with every measurement for each type of Hydro bottles. These range from a WideMouth Straw Lid to the Standard HydroFlask.


HydroFlask, with about 14 different colors, averaging to about $34. There are many sizes, rangingn from: 32oz, 40oz, 12oz kids bottle, and a 64oz jug.


The hydro tumbler only has one lid position that it can be in, but it is more spill proof than a Stanley Cup. The HydroFlask is double metal insulated and leak-proof.

Tiger Thoughts:


37 students voted for Stanley, making up 54.1% of voters. 33 students voted for Hydro, making up 45.9% of voters. 


Most students said that Stanley Cups were overrated. This was mainly because of the fight incidents that occurred when purchasing the Stanley Cups, the leaking straws, and the high prices. However, there were also many students who said that both bottles were extremely overrated. One student said, “$300 for a pink Stanley is outrageous”, and another stated “Both. They’re literally just water bottles.” One Stanley lover said “My Stanley is so amazing I named it Stan”. 


Overall, it appears that the majority of Elmwood Park High School students prefer Stanley cups, even though they think the cups are overrated. Personally, Nel prefers the look of the Stanley but thinks the Hydro is better. Alicia is team Stanley all the way. The poll was a close call, with a difference of only 4 more students voting for Stanley. Whether for aesthetic or utility reasons, HydroFlasks and Stanley cups have left their mark at Elmwood Park High School. Which bottle would you choose?

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