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Dunkin vs. Starbucks

Fall Menu Review


In this article, we will be reviewing and rating Dunkin vs Starbucks Fall Menu. As most of you are probably aware, Starbucks and Dunkin came out with their fall menus on August 16th and August 24th. We know a lot of people have been excited to finally get the pumpkin flavor back. Alex and Julia went to Dunkin and Starbucks to try the fall menus. We have never had anything from these menus prior to trying them, so our reviews are pure. Now, let’s get into the review.

Dunkin Ratings:

First we tasted the “Pumpkin Munchkins”. Julia rated these munchkins a 9/10 and Alex gave these munchkins a 6/10. If you don’t know what pumpkin tastes like, it’s a little earthy and sweet. (Keep that in mind for everything else pumpkin related.) We both loved the pumpkin flavor. They were a little too sweet but still delicious.

The second thing we tried was the “Pumpkin Doughnut”. Julia rated this a 8.5/10 and Alex rated this doughnut a 10/10. We thought that the frosting on the bottom was too sweet, but we loved the flavor and thought it had a perfect amount of pumpkin.

The third treat we had a taste of was the “Pumpkin Muffin”. We had the same rating for this one. We gave this muffin a 3/10. It was very dry, even the icing on the top. The rest of the muffin was only okay.

The fourth item we tried was the “Snackin’ Bacon.” The bacon starts off sweet but then tastes like normal bacon after a few seconds; it has some sort of sweet seasoning on it. We had the same rating again but different opinions. We both gave this bacon a 6/10. Julia said that she didn’t like the sweet taste in the beginning, but Alex said the Snackin’ bacon felt like it wasn’t cooked all the way, and the bacon had a weird flavor to it.

The fifth item we tried was the “Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.” This sandwich has bacon, fried egg, and a cheesy blend. The bacon has some sort of sweet seasoning on it. For a third time, we have the same rating. We gave this sandwich a 8/10. Julia thought that the sweet taste in the beginning was not good, but everything else was delicious. Alex said the sandwich was really tasty but a little messy.

The sixth item we evaluated was the “Iced Pumpkin Signature Latte.” This tastes just like a latte but with pumpkin. You could choose to add whipped cream if you like. Finally, we have a different rating. Julia gave this latte a 6/10. As someone who doesn’t really like coffee, this was alright…nothing special but still okay. Alex gave this latte a 3.5/10. The latte was flavorless.

The seventh item we tasted was the “Nutty Pumpkin Coffee”. Julia rated this coffee a 8/10. It was warm and tasted like chocolate with pumpkin. This coffee was good. As someone who doesn’t like coffee she recommends this drink. Alex gave this coffee a 2.5/10. The drink had too much of a strong flavor.

Lastly, we have a special inclusion. The last and eighth item we distinguished was the “Ice Spice Drink”. This drink tastes just like the “Pumpkin Munchkins.” Julia really liked this drink and gave it a 8/10. Alex gave this drink a 5/10. The drink was too sweet. We recommend getting a smaller size because the sweetness can be too much after a while.

Starbucks Rating:

The first item we tried was the “Pumpkin Loaf.” Julia gave this loaf a 5/10; it wasn’t anything special and barley tasted like pumpkin. Alex rated this loaf at 8/10. She said that it has a sufficient amount of pumpkin.

The second item we tried was the “Apple Croissant”. Now this does not look like a croissant, but it tastes so good. The outside has a nice sugary crust and the inside is soft and warm. Julia said that this croissant was amazing and she gave it a 10/10. It was the most perfect apple pie/croissant she’s ever had and she recommends it. Alex rated this apple croissant an 8/10. She said that it was good but should have more apple to it.

The third item we had was the “Apple Crisp Oat Macchiato.” Julia says this tasted gross, and there was nothing good about it. Alex said the macchiato left a bad taste in her mouth. It tasted nothing like apples and was just horrible. Overall, we give the drink a 0/10.

The Fourth purchase was the “Pumpkin Spice Latte.” Julia says this latte was a 7/10. It tasted similar to the Dunkin’ Pumpkin Spice Latte. The drink was nothing special but still good. Alex rated this a 0/10. It was way too strong.

The fifth and last item we tried was the “Iced Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte.” Julia gave this latte a 2/10. Julia likes the chai tea latte but with the pumpkin flavor in this one, it was not tasty. Alex rated this drink a 4/10. The latte was good but had a pungent flavor.

Final Decision!

Overall, Julia and Alex decided that Dunkin has the best fall menu. Their food and drinks were overall better than Starbucks. If you want the best fall menu experience, we recommend Dunkin. But, if you don’t like Dunkin, go to Starbucks and try the “Apple Croissant. ” It’s worth it. Thank you for reading!

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