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Valentine’s Day Throughout the Decades

Valentines Day Throughout the Decades

Valentine’s Day is a global celebration that is usually celebrated by gifting to your partner or friend. These gifts can be: chocolate, candy, flower bouquet, sending a card, or eating out. Valentine’s Day is a day when you can express the amount of love that you have for someone, which is why so many couples go all out during Valentine’s Day. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated very differently than in the past. Read this article to find out more about the way Valentine’s Day was celebrated!

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The 50s

In the 50’s, World War II was over and  couples were back together after being separated for a long period of time, which means they went all out for Valentine’s Day. There were a few date ideas for couples, going to drive in theaters was popular. Couples would watch new romance films or attend a Valentine’s Day dance! Swing dancing, Jitterbug dancing, the Madison, the Stroll, and the Handjive were all trending dances back then, everyone was dancing them.

The 60’s

Two young kids at school on Valentines Day.

In the 60’s, couples started to give to each other gifts that we usually see nowadays. These gifts were much more meaningful back then, as they were typically handmade. Making handmade cards was a huge deal in the 60s. It showed how much you cared about a person. It brought excitement and a lot of pride once your partner gave you one. If you were lucky, they also gave you a box of chocolates! On February 14th, there were a lot of Valentine’s Day specials to watch with your partner on TV, such as: “The Engagement Ring” (1960), “Love Letters on the Rocks” (1960), “Simon Says, Be My Valentine” (1967).

The 70’s

Burger King promotional stickers for Valentines Day.

In the 70’s, couples went to a Disco and out to eat at a restaurant. There was a trending dinner called “Fondue”. A Swiss melted cheese pot and wine dish. For clothing, typically women wore a dress that matched the theme of Valentine’s Day, either red or pink. For men, they wore a suit for the fancy dinner out! Finally at night, they came back home from a fun day together and went on their waterbeds.

The 80’s and 90’s

A Valentines Day gift.

In the 80’s and 90’s, a lot of people in relationships went out and presented a boombox to their partner outside of their home. During this decade, there were plenty of good movies to watch either by yourself, with friends, or with your partner. The 90’s was THE decade for Valentine’s Day. It was the best time to show off to your loved ones by showing them your love letters and notes. The love letters were written with glittery gel pens and stickers. Most of them were handwritten and hand drawn. A lot of couples also recorded mix tapes for their partner or crush. Back then, people didn’t really care how you showed their love for them, just as long as you demonstrated that you love them.

The 2000’s

A florist prepping his van with flowers.

Elementary schools in the 2000’s did a small party for the class. You could have brought conversation hearts and candy grams to give out to your classmates. For couples, there was a necklace pendant of a heart. You would keep one half of the heart, and your partner would keep the other half of the heart. You both would wear it around your neck. Another thing that was popular was gifting stuffed animals!

The 2010’s and 2020’s

A Hello Kitty bouquet.

In 2010, the popular Valentine’s Day  (2010) film was released. A lot of people went to watch the movie during that time at theaters and have a movie date. Couples also gave each other expensive gifts, such as: jewelry, large flower bouquets, serenades, and even luxury vacations. During these two decades, Valentine’s Day has not really changed drastically. Couples still go out, they eat dinner and give each other gifts. The two years that really changed were 2020 to about 2022 due to COVID-19. With restrictions, a lot of couples to go out and celebrate together. Something that was used often was a Zoom call or FaceTime. This way, couples could celebrate virtually and have a talk as well.

Valentine’s Day has been different every decade. Valentine’s Day is a unique celebration that allows you to express a lot of emotions. In conclusion, Valentine’s Day has evolved by being a celebration that allows you to express feelings not only for your partner but for your friends, family, and even pets. Valentines’ Day is a reminder to cherish all those moments with yourself and with your loved ones!

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