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Easter Celebrations

How Countries Around the World Celebrate Easter
Easter Celebrations

What is Easter?

Easter is a holiday that is celebrated in the spring, on a Sunday. Families come together to attend church services, exchange gifts, enjoy festive meals, and participate in Easter Egg Hunts. It is also very important to people who are Christians because Easter is when they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1. Spain 

In Spain, the Holy Week begins with church rituals, processions, and distributions. Semana Santa is a week with many traditions designed to celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. During Semana Santa, parades take place all over Spain. Semana Santa plays a big part in Easter because it is when people carry wooden arrangements called Pasos. On the day of Easter, it is spent with families and friends that gather together to enjoy traditional meals. One of their most famous Easter cakes is called Mona de Pascua.

The glorified sculpture-like icon pasos portraying the Passions of Christ, carried by people called “Costaleros”. Many “Colastaleros” take part in the parades.

2. Greece

In Greece, Orthodox Catholic communities follow the Julian calendar’s holiday schedule instead of Gregorian’s. The Holy Fire, which is said to emit the tomb of Jesus Christ every Holy Saturday, is flown from Jerusalem to Athens and then delivered throughout Greece. Easter marks the end of 40 days of fasting, dishes are served that day and are represented as indulgent and symbolic. Roasted lamb stands for Christ, sweet and fluffy braided bread represents the Holy Trinity, and hard-boiled eggs symbolize Christ’s blood.

The lamb, which is the main course of the traditional Greece dish. It is very important because it represents Christ.

3. France

In France, Easter is one of the main religious celebrations to take place. Easter marks the resurrection of Christ and the end of the 40 days of lent. Their Easter is known as “Pâques”. This comes from the Latin word “pascua” which means food. On Easter day, the French traditionally eat lamb that is cooked with Provencal herbs, cumin, garlic and olive oil.  The french Easter Egg Hunt is very huge and highly competitive, there are many people racing to find the most eggs, the crazy part is, more adults take part in the hunt than children do.

A little girl picking up Easter eggs that have been scattered around a back yard. These Easter eggs have put her up to a challenge.

4. Bermuda

In Bermuda, the most beloved celebration is the Good Friday Kite Flying festival when hundreds of Bermudians show up to Horseshoe Bay Beach. On Easter day, Bermudians attend sunrise services and after, they spend time with family and friends over Easter brunch. One of their best traditional Easter treats are hot crossed buns and codfish cakes. They also grow Easter lilies and gift bouquets of white flowers shaped like trumpets to Buckingham Palace every year.

The kaleidoscopic in different shapes and designs of kites in the Bermuda Kite Flying festival. They are very creative and uniqe.

5. Guatemala

Guatemala is home to the largest Easter celebration in the world in which the Crucifix and the Resurrection of Jesus are celebrated. It was first rooted in Andalusian tradition and brought over by Spanish missionaries in the 16th Century. One of their best traditions for Easter are the intricate sand designs called alfombras, which are multi-chromatic sand carpets that come in different patterns and designs. The entire city takes part in these two traditions, accompanied by thousands of travelers and others experiencing the energy of the Holy Week.

The beautiful geometric, floral, and illustrative alfombras that line the streets of Guatemala. Since they are made from sand, they are kicked into the air.


Overall, many countries are different and have their own way of celebrating Easter, which is what makes them so unique and different from one another. It is definitely one of the best holidays to spend time with those you love, experience amazing traditions, and eat amazing dishes and sweets!

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