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Illuminating the Beauty of Tulips

Illuminating the Beauty of Tulips

Background Info on Tulips

Where do tulips originate? Tulips originally come from Eurasia, which is a region that includes Europe and Asia, but were actually cultivated in Iran in the early 10th century.

This is a chart that explains the most recent and common meanings for tulips.

Do tulips have a meaning? Back in 1634-1637, Tulips were said to cost 10 times more than a working man’s salary, “a era of time known as the ‘Tulip Mania’ since tulips were so expensive and the most wanted flower across many countries” (Shinners, 2015). Tulips were said to represent wealth and loyalty so all the rich people had many paintings of them. Now, tulips are loved by many and are used to symbolize perfection and deep love. The certain color of the Tulips is also said to have their own meaning when given as a gift. 

How did they come to the United States? The flowers are said to have come to the United States in the 17th Century by Dutch emigrants from New Amsterdam and other nations. In 1698, William Penn received a report of John Tatems  saying “…great and stately palace with a garden full of tulips in Pennsylvania” (Pavord, 2000). Everyone was so fond of Tulips that he felt the need to share the fact that he had a whole garden of them in the 17th century. 

This image shows a field in Skagit Valley, Washington. Being one of their most popular locations, they grow over millions of tulips every year.

Where are they most popular in the United States? Tulips are most popular in Skagit County, which is in the state of Washington. They have many Tulip fields available for the world to go see and visit. The most popular tulip field in Skagit County is over 12 acres and is covered in the most beautiful flowers. 

When do they sprout and when is the best time to plant them? The best time to plant tulip bulbs in Illinois is during the month of October. The plant will begin to open in April and May for Tulip season. 

How can you plant one yourself? You can plant the bulb like you would for any other plant, but in October since they do require a chilling period in order to sprout correctly. If the plant is too warm, the bulb will become a yellow color which causes it to not sprout any further. If done correctly, the bulb will emerge within 8-16 weeks. It is recommended that you water them once a week for the first month of having them then leaving them alone until the spring time. 

Why are they all different colors? Tulips are different colors for many different reasons. They vary in color due to the different species of the flowers, the temperature they are grown in, amount of sunlight, natural mutations, age, and viral infections. These things in their environments will make them have stripes, become lighter or darker colors and even add mini mosaics on the petals. 

Where to see Tulip fields near Chicago 

Kuiper’s Family Farm Midwest Tulip Farm: 1N318 Watson Rd, Maple Park, IL 60151

Here is an image of Kuiper’s Tulip Festival in 2023. They have many rows of different colored tulips for your to view.

This family farm hosts an annual Tulip Fest, their website says that they planted 500,00 bulbs across 7 acres of land this year. Their official opening date is April 27th. They have food trucks alongside the field for when you get hungry, and on weekends they have live music playing. On May 3rd they will have a “Date Night on the Farm”, on this day you can go with your significant other and have a picnic by the flowers while listening to the band at sunset. They are bringing a photographer that can capture pictures in the field. To buy tickets ⇨ Tulip Farm Admission

Richardson’s Adventure Farm Tulip Festival:  909 English Prairie Rd, Spring Grove, IL 60081

Richardsons’ is a farm that hosts many different events all year round. They are very famous for their Pumpkin Patch and their Tulip Festival. This year they will have over 1 million tulips bloom with over 30 different species of the flower. This farm includes live music, lakefront location, walking trail, free games, food trucks, and picnic tables near the lake. This is a dog friendly farm so any friendly dog on a leash is welcome to join you. Another bonus is that the parking is free! They do not have an official opening day yet, but feel free to get your tickets in advance ⇨ Richardson Tulip Festival Tickets

Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe: 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, IL 60022 

The Botanic Garden is a garden that is always filled with different flowers all year round. During this time of the year, tulips are the star of the garden. The location of this garden is in Glencoe and there are more outdoor activities nearby. Two fun things to do would be doing one of their bike trails in the area or going to a nearby beach. Get your tickets here ⇨ Botanic Garden Admission

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