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Best Christmas Songs


For the holiday edition of The Tiger, we decided to ask what people think the best Christmas song is.

Your options were “Last Christmas”, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, “Santa Tell Me”, “Holly Jolly Christmas”, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and “Frosty the Snowman”. We got 97 responses, and the results are in!

First Place: “Last Christmas” by Wham!

“Last Christmas” came in first place because…

“Last Christmas” was released on December 3, 1984. This song got 36 votes!
  • “It’s a classic. You can’t go wrong with it.” – Shailese Lebron
  • “Last Christmas’ is such a classic, and it is the perfect mix of jolly and sadness. It’s a good song if you’re heartbroken but still want some Christmas cheer.”  – Leah Morale
  • “Last Christmas’ is such an iconic and catchy song. I love the way everything flows together and it’s about losing a lover and finding another during Christmas time.”  – Bethany Medina
  • “It’s a classic and the lyrics are just amazing. Nobody can beat Wham!” – Olivia Martinez
  • “It’s simply the best” – Nicole Taha

In our opinion, we believe that our first place winner is very accurate to our liking. Not only is it a classic, but it brings back memories from both me and Giada’s childhood. The feeling of hearing this song for the first time in December just brings warmth and closure to know that Christmas is coming.

Second Place: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” came in 2nd place because…

It was first released in November of 1994. This song got 34 votes!
  • “It’s simply the best song for this time of year. I really hope it wins cause bae Mariah deserves to win.” – Boston Wolfe
  • “It’s just upbeat and fun, and it’s a classic. ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ is an energetic song.” – Olivia Shipinski
  • “Because ‘All I Want for Christmas’ is that one boy.” – Alexis Loza
  • “It’s the first song I listen to every Christmas.” – Hania Xhafa
  • “Because I like it, duh, it’s the best Christmas song with no arguments.” – Jailani Rodriguez

In our opinion, we believe that “All I Want For Christmas Is You” deserved first place since the first song we think of when we hear Christmas music is this song. It’s such a classic but also we do understand why it got second because it does get overplayed. Second place is well deserved.

Third Place: “Holly Jolly Christmas” by Michael Buble

“Holly Jolly Christmas” came in 3rd place. Those who voted for the song, had this to say…

It was released in 2011. This song got 11 votes!
  • “Michael Buble is amazing.” – Milana Brilyak
  • “It encompasses the joy and community that comes with the true Christmas Spirit.” – Rose Craig
  • “It’s classic, and soothing, and just fits the vibe of Christmas” – Yeimi Alday
  • “It’s cheery and happy.” – Anonymous
  • “Because I’ve heard it many times and I like the rhythm.” – Anthony Mercado

In our opinion, this song is a classic. We never really grew up with the song, but we’ve heard it a couple times. We, however, believe this deserves 4th place since this song isn’t as common as the others.

Fourth Place: “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande

“Santa Tell Me” came in fourth place and got 6 responses. This is what voters had to say…

It was released in 2014. This song got 6 votes!
  • “Because it’s more of our time and it’s Ariana Grande.” –  Jaliah Santiago
  • “It’s an iconic song sung by Ariana Grande.” – Bella Molinelli
  • “I love Ariana Grande.” – Kathleen Castillo

In our opinion, we believe that “Santa Tell Me” deserved 3rd place since it’s such an iconic song. Ariana Grande is such a good singer and it’s such a fun music video to watch, too. Blasting this in the car with your friends would be a fun moment, too. In our opinion, it deserved 3rd place instead of Michael Buble’s “Holly Jolly Christmas”.

Fifth Place: “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Dean Martin

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” got 5 votes, and you guys had a lot to say about this song…

This song came out in 1944. It got 5 votes.
  • “It’s a great song.” – Nate Leder
  • “I think it’s a nice duet, although it’s a little creepy. I just think it sounds nice.” – Lorelei Wittrock
  • “I like how well the voices go together.” – Henry Pillado
  • “It’s a great song. I always listen to it on Christmas.” – Gianna Wittenborn

In our opinion, we agree with the responses. It’s a nice duet and there were some reviews saying it’s creepy, which can be true, but besides that, it is a really nice song. There is a newer version that came out in 2014 with more of an appropriate message and vibe to it. People now listen to that version more, which is reasonable.

Last Place: “Frosty The Snowman” by Perry Como

Came out on December 7th 1969. This song got 4 votes!

For “Frosty The Snowman”, out of the four people who responded, no one said why.

In our opinion, this does deserve last place out of these specific songs. It’s pretty childish and generic. However, this song provides a very vivid memory from our childhood.

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